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Welcome to the Freedom Legion site!

This site is the main source of information regarding the SuperGroup.

Here you can find anything related to the SG, from Events, news, Promotions and much more!
If you're a member of the Freedom Legion SG, it'll be smart to join to keep updated on current events.
Because if u didn't sign up, u can't access all the content regarding the SG.
Please sign up using your SG's main toon, and only add toons that are in the SG please.

Dark Energon,
Leader & Founder.

Cutting playing time for a few months.

Dark Energon, Jan 4, 11 5:23 PM.
As announced a few times in the SG chat and posted as the Legion channel MotD, i'm forced to cut down on my playing time for a few months.

There are some personal issues i have to take care of, meaning i can't play the game the way i, and you, know i play. I'll still log in a few times a week, to chat with you guys, see what's going on and to work on the base and the SG site, but sadly i can not join TF's or missions due to connection limitations and me being on my laptop.

We have a great group of members, and i do not for see any major issues. However, while i'm 'gone', the Council remains and will handle any issues. I trust in you that you give them the same respect as you give me.
Like i said, i'll be online from time to time, and will have active communication with WintersBliss, Animal and Zenaku Mori. If there is an issue that you can't talk to them about, feel free to contact me with an offline tell, or use the mailing system on this site.

Thank you for understanding,
Dark Energon

The Event

Dark Energon, Nov 25, 10 10:06 AM.
I need members that are willing to help me host this event.

Please look for the details in the SG forums.

SG 1 yr Anniversary (official leak)

Dark Energon, Nov 23, 10 6:20 PM.
the SG event will be as followed.

An open Costume Contest for the ENTIRE server, including the Villains and Praetorians.
There will be 5 different categories, and one overall winner.
1st place in each category will win 25mill, 2nd place will win 10mill and 3rd place will win 5mill.
Overall best will win 50mill.

But wait, there is more!

Someone will make a guest appearance!

Stay tuned for details!

1 year anniversary of the Legion!

Dark Energon, Nov 22, 10 5:19 AM.
My oh my, what has time gone by fast.
A few months ago i received my 12month veteran badge on my game account, and now the SG that i created is close to it's 1 year anniversary on December 8th.

To celebrate this i'm planning a big event for the entire server in Pocket D.
It's so big, i actually contacted a Developer, a Moderator AND a GM to help set it up.
I can't let u guys know about the details, but as soon as i have a few confirmations, i'll let some info 'leak'.

New SG outfit?

Dark Energon, Nov 22, 10 5:10 AM.
We have a non mandatory SG outfit.
However, there have been new costumes and costume parts added to the game since we made that outfit.
So, since the game has been updated, i thought it was time for us to update our outfit.
I have a few ideas, and made a concept, however, i'm always open to suggestions.
so if you have ideas or suggestions, please let me know.
This Sunday the 28th of November i will unveil our new look, and since I'm planning an event to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, it would be nice if at least your main toons in the SG had the SG outfit to wear to the event.
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